The World’s First Water Park for the Disabled is Awesome!

The smiles of the children will brighten your day!

Morgan’s Inspiration Island waterpark

Water parks are one of the most fun activities in the world. There’s nothing like a good slide and splash to cool you off in the hot days of summer, and it’s probably one of the favorite destinations of all the kids. Finally, people with disabilities now have the chance to enjoy all of the fun a water park can offer, thanks to the world’s first water park for the disabled!

Morgan’s Inspiration Island waterpark
The entire water park was specifically designed to accommodate children with special needs

This whirlwind of water slides, tunnels, jumps, drops and other fun activities that make a water park what it is, have been notorious for the regulations, and inaccessibility for the disabled. Well, not anymore! Morgan’s Inspiration Island water park just recently opened in San Antonio, Texas, and it is a water park designed to accommodate the disabled.

Morgan’s Inspiration Island waterpark
PneuChair available at the park for free use, a new light-weight, waterproof, battery-free wheelchair created in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh. At only 80 pounds, the PneuChairs are propelled by compressed air and take just 10 minutes to “recharge.”

The first of its kind, Morgan’s Inspiration Island water park was built with the aim to become the world’s first ultra-accessible water park, said the creator Gordon Hartman. One of the main goals: inclusion for those with and without disabilities. “Children and adults who have special needs are sometimes left out, not because they want to be but because sometimes things are not always adequate for them to use“, and this park changes everything.


The $17 million tropical-themed park is designed with fast passes for those who have difficulties waiting in line. There are private areas to transfer from one wheelchair to another, traceable bracelets, air-powered, waterproof wheelchairs that families can rent for free, quiet areas, and all incorporated in a safe and ultra fun environment. Children with “special needs” are granted free access to the park, and most of the rides are customizable and adjustable to fit everyone.

The name and idea for this marvelous place comes from Gordon Hartman and his 23-year-old daughter Morgan, who has cognitive and physical disabilities. They both worked tirelessly with special education teachers, doctors, and water park consultants to work out everything to its detail, resulting with an amazing place for everyone.

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