Just Two Months Until Total Solar Eclipse in the USA

Occurring in August, the total solar eclipse will cover the US from the western to the eastern coast.

Total Solar Eclipse

A phenomenon that undoubtedly leaves an impact with the whole world, solar eclipse is a sight to be seen regardless of where it happens, and many travel the world to witness it. In just about two months from now, the residents of the United States will have the privilege to enjoy a total solar eclipse that will sweep the country from one shore to the other, covering the continent in mid-day blackness for several minutes at a time.

The reason why the eclipse happening on the 21st of August is “total” is because the Moon will be positioned exactly between the Earth and the Sun, completely covering the Sun’s frame for those watching from the ground. Albeit this “bull’s eye” will only cover a specific line as the Earth and Moon move, it will cover the North American continent coast-to-coast, which hasn’t happened in 99 years!

Partial Solar Eclipse
Those north and south of the path of totality will witness a partial eclipse

The path of totality, as it’s called, will start at Oregon and will go to South Carolina. Those north and south of this 60-70 miles wide line will witness a partial eclipse, with the Moon covering the Sun by at least 70%. No matter which side of it you find yourself at, a special set of sunglasses designed for just such occasion are advised, so that you may immerse yourself in the spectacle lasting up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds in some places.

This year’s total solar eclipse will cover the US coast-to-coast

If you miss to see the event for whatever reason, you’ll be forced to wait two years for the next one which will happen bellow the equator, and no less than seven years before another one occurs in the US (April 8, 2024).

Images sourced from: nasa.gov.


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