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Microchips in humans

Microchips Are Already Here, And People Embrace Them Willingly

Being presented over a decade ago, RFID microchips are embraced by a large number of people, dubbing it the inevitable future of society.
Total Solar Eclipse

Just Two Months Until Total Solar Eclipse in the USA

The United States citizens will witness a total solar eclipse in August of 2017, covering a line coast-to-coast for the first time in 99 years.
Stephen Hawking lecture speech

Stephen Hawking Warns: Colonize Mars or Face Doom!

Holding a speech at the Starmus Festival in Norway, Stephen Hawking explains the dangers of staying on Earth within the next 100 years.
Doctor study

The #1 Cause of Death Worldwide Outshines Car Accidents, Terror Attacks,...

The problem of obesity keeps growing around the world
Illustration of an Earth-Sized 'Tatooine' Planet

NASA Discovered 10 More Planets That Could Be Teeming With Life

Expanding the catalog of candidate planets, NASA adds 219 to the Exoplanet Archive, 10 of which are Earth-sized and in the habitable zone.
Billy Zane bald

Science Confirms: Bald Men are Sexy!

Once again, science proves that bald men are sexy!
Science discoveries 2017

Amazing Scientific Discoveries in 2017

From time machines and the origin of consciousness, to new planets and making water out of thin air!

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