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Flatworm two heads

Worm Went Into Space and Came Back With an Extra Head

Examining how space would influence the extraordinary regenerative properties of worms, Tufts University scientists got an answer in the form of a two-headed specimen.
Stephen Hawking lecture speech

Stephen Hawking Warns: Colonize Mars or Face Doom!

Holding a speech at the Starmus Festival in Norway, Stephen Hawking explains the dangers of staying on Earth within the next 100 years.
Doctor study

The #1 Cause of Death Worldwide Outshines Car Accidents, Terror Attacks,...

The problem of obesity keeps growing around the world
Birth Defects

Study Shows Common Household Chemicals May Lead To Birth Defects

A recent research shows that chemicals found in some common household items could lead to birth defects of the spine, brain, or spinal cord.
Science discoveries 2017

Amazing Scientific Discoveries in 2017

From time machines and the origin of consciousness, to new planets and making water out of thin air!

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