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Welcome to Gasadalur, Population: 18

Only 18 people live in this magical Faroe island
Daryl Davis and a KKK member

How One Black Man Befriended the KKK, and Got More than...

Daryl Davis is challenging racism in America
Joao and Dindim swimming

Does this Penguin Swim 5,000 Miles Every Year to Reunite with...

A unique friendship between a man and a penguin
Big Jay McNeely Driving the Crowd at the Olympic Auditorium into a Frenzy, Los Angeles, 1953

20 Colorized Photos that Bring the Past Back to Life

Revisit history with new eyes
Trinity College Library, Dublin

10 of the Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

Perfect places to fall in love with reading
inspirational quote

Ten Inspirational Quotes You Need Right Now

Get your spirits up with these words of wisdom!

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