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The Cruel Reality of PETA’s Animal Shelter

Despite a huge number of fans and supporters as well as a massive yearly budget, PETA (unnecessarily) puts down a huge percent of shelter animals.
Deformed sheep, half-human

Sheep Gives Birth to an Abomination That Looks Half-Human

A stillborn lamb of hideous characteristics had the village of Lady Frere in South Africa frightened, as they claim it is no less than sent from hell.
Great Danes rescued from a puppy mill

84 Great Dane Dogs Rescued from a Gruesome Puppy Mill

Puppy mill in New Hampshire busted
Joao and Dindim swimming

Does this Penguin Swim 5,000 Miles Every Year to Reunite with...

A unique friendship between a man and a penguin

15 Baby Animals That Will Melt Your Heart!

Get ready for some cuteness overdose!

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