Birth Defects

Study Shows Common Household Chemicals May Lead To Birth Defects

A recent research shows that chemicals found in some common household items could lead to birth defects of the spine, brain, or spinal cord.
Google logo

Google Fined £2.1 Billion for Giving Its Own Product a Beneficial...

The European Commission has set a fine of £2.1 billion for Google's unfair placement of its own product in the search results, stifling competition as well as innovation.
Nicholas Winton receives Knighthood

He Saved 669 Children During The Holocaust, Decades Later – They...

The story of Nicholas Winton - a true hero!
Great Danes rescued from a puppy mill

84 Great Dane Dogs Rescued from a Gruesome Puppy Mill

Puppy mill in New Hampshire busted
Microchips in humans

Microchips Are Already Here, And People Embrace Them Willingly

Being presented over a decade ago, RFID microchips are embraced by a large number of people, dubbing it the inevitable future of society.