Ocean Boulevard Shooting Streamed Live on Facebook!

With several people hospitalized, the identity of the shooter is yet to be announced.


What does it take for a man to pull out a gun and start shooting people?! Apparently, a brawl will suffice. Just after midnight on Sunday, 18th of June, a man pulled out a gun in Myrtle Beach spraying gunfire.

Myrtle Beach fighting
Myrtle Beach fight erupted into a shooting.

While the identity of the shooter is still unknown to the public, Lt. Joey Crosby of Myrtle Beach Police Department shared that the reason for the shooting was a fight that occurred in the area of 5th Ave. North and Ocean Boulevard. Myrtle Beach Police officers responded to the gathering of a large crowd around 12:25 AM, just after the fight had happened.

Myrtle Beach gun shooting
The person involved in the fight pulled out a gun and shot the other person.

With a number of people involved, one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other person. An armed security officer responded quickly, shooting the shooter who was now trying to escape. Several more shots were fired before he hijacked a nearby car and drove away. The officers found the vehicle just a few hours later, apprehending a suspect and issuing a statement that no police officer was shot or wounded in the incident, although one of the patrol cars was struck by gunfire.

The security officer who shot the man was, however, grazed by one of the bullets, but his injury didn’t require hospitalization and he received medical care on the spot.

The whole shooting incident, which makes it the third shooting in Myrtle Beach this weekend alone, has sent several people to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The shooting and its aftermath was caught on live camera by Bubba Hinson who has shared it on his Facebook page. Be advised that the video contains strong imagery!



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