Enter The ‘Cage Cage’

There is never too much Nicholas Cage

Nic Cage Cage

Feel like you’re just not getting enough of the glorious work of Nicholas Cage? Like you simply need to be immersed into his roles further, like everywhere you look there should be a Nicholas Cage movie scene? Despair no more, the solution to all our problems is here, it’s time to enter The Cage Cage!

Nic Cage Gif 1

Mike Lacher and Chris Baker, big Cage fans, have put in the effort to create this masterpiece of Caginess. It is pretty simple, yet brilliant; The Cage Cage is literally a cage where you’re surrounded by Nic Cage movies. Everywhere you look, there is a scene playing from some of Nicholas Cage’s most iconic roles, and you’re seeing it through jail bars, so you can’t really escape the Cage, not that anyone would want to anyway.


You are now able to enjoy scenes from classic Cage flicks such as “The Wicker Man”, “Face/Off”, “Wild At Heart”, “Bad Lieutenant [Port of Call New Orleans]”, and many, many others, and the best part – they’re all going on at the same time, everywhere around you! The Cage is real!

Nicholas Cage Gif

This outstanding piece of art was meant to be experienced in VR, but it works in a browser as well, so make sure you enjoy this gift to mankind. Enter The Cage Cage



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