15 Baby Animals That Will Melt Your Heart!

Get ready for some cuteness overdose!



No matter how tough, mature or cool you think you are, cute baby animals can make us all go awww! If there’s a heart in you, these adorable baby animals can melt it. Some of them may be annoying, vicious and pretty dangerous once full grown, but when they are still younglings, they’re as cute as a pie! It’s not all about kittens and puppies, the wild life of nature is broad and diverse, and it gives life to hundreds of species that are simply endearing and lovable, at least when they’re babies! Share this list with your friends and let us know which one is your favorite baby animal!


15 – Kittens

Ok, we’re going to get the obvious out of the way first. The meowing little balls of fur are some of the most favorite beings in the world for many people. Many of us have cats as pets and we are lucky enough to have these amazing creatures in our homes and in our hearts.


14 – Puppies

All the hard work and training they may require at the early stages are more than worth it, as soon as you gaze at your puppy’s eyes for the first time and let it lick your face, it’s over, true love is born. They are the man’s best friend after all, or at least that’s what they grow up to be after being just young and cute!


13 – Piglets

Fat, dirty, smelly and gross! That’s what we usually associate pigs with, but have you ever seen the little piglets? One of the greatest weapons of a vegetarian is to show a picture of a piglet, and all the meat-eaters instantly reconsider their diet, at least for a second.


12 – Ducklings

They’re in all the commercials for smooth toilet paper, delicate handkerchiefs, comfortable diapers and pretty much anything else about softness. Ducklings are just walking, or better yet, waddling balls of fluff that simply beg to be cuddled.


11 – Lions

Moving on to the cutest predators in the world, well, at least when they’re babies! The king of the jungle may be a formidable beast, but when it’s still just a little prince, the lion cub makes the cutest, most playful animal ever.


10 – Bunnies

They can leave a bit of a mess behind, even when they’re small, but bunnies are still some of the most popular pets to have in your home, and just one look at the babies can show you why. Even Bugs Bunny was super cute before he grew up to be a wise-guy!


9 – Skunks

They may not be the best choice of pets, but baby skunks can make you fall in love with them regardless of their smell! In fact, they develop their defensive stink spray within the first few weeks of life, so it’s definitely not recommended to keep one in your house, but how can you resist this face!


8 – Giraffes

It’s only natural that the tallest animal in the world gives birth to some of the biggest newborns on record. Baby giraffes average at 6 feet tall when born, and weigh from 100 – 150 lbs! So, they’re definitely not your toy-sized baby animal, but they are adorable nonetheless!


7 – Polar Bears

Isn’t it funny that the world’s largest land predators have some of the cutest babies ever! When born, polar bear cubs are smaller than human babies even, and all the more cute. They roam some of the most unforgiving landscapes on Earth, but when they’re babies, all they need is care and comfort from the big parents.


6 – Otters

Otters have the thickest fur of any mammal in the world, and even their younglings are coated in this layer of cuteness. They are known to be very playful and enjoy making slides and splashing around in water, if only they were more practical to have as a pet…


5 – Koalas

Koalas aren’t really bears, but they are everyone’s favorite teddy! The lovable baby marsupials are blind and deaf at birth, but they always find their way into the mother’s pouch, and into our hearts. Even when they are full grown, the cuteness meter remains at the highest level!


4 – Chipmunks

If you happen to stumble upon an orphaned or abandoned baby chipmunk, try your best to help it, if you can keep it together from going crazy over its unbearable cuteness. As soon as they grow some fur, baby chipmunks turn from helpless, shapeless little creatures into walking, talking forces of adorableness.


3 – Penguins

There are 17 species of penguins and they are all found exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere. The waddling balls of fuzz can make our heart warm no matter the weather. Since they have no real danger from other animals on solid ground, they are usually quite fond of humans, if you ever get a chance to see a baby penguin in real life, go for it!


2 – Fennec Foxes

The smallest and most unique of all the fox species – fennec fox! The extra fury and large ears help them survive in the tough desert conditions, but also make them super funny and cute! If you happen to visit the Zoo by night, chances are you’ll catch a glimpse of the fennec fox and other nocturnal animals, but no other nightly critter can outshine its cuteness!


1 – Pandas

Ok, what is there to say about these clumsy, awkward, lovable and mischievous creatures that the entire world adores? Pandas are a global phenomenon of cuteness, end of story!

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