Celebrities Behaving Badly!

Most shocking and outrageous moments by celebrities!

Madonna middle finger

Ask any child nowadays about their role-models, most would name at least one celebrity. As successful as they can be, celebrities often behave so badly it makes us wonder whether they’re famous or infamous for their actions. Sure, they’re all people just like us, but with the spotlight constantly focused on them, they should at least mind what they say and do, let alone allow themselves outrageous and shocking behaviors such as these prime examples!


David Walliams

Britain’s cheeky funny man, David Walliams, is famous for being bold and sharp-tongued, and the audiences are used to seeing him verbally destroy pretty much anything and anyone. But what he did on Britain’s Got Talent shocked everyone. Stunning the viewers both at home and in the audience, Walliams took his trousers off and showed a cheeky tattoo on his butt cheeks. Aimed to poke fun at Simon Cowell, the ‘tattoo’ displayed his and Cowell’s faces above the caption: “Forever in love.”Mr Cowell wasn’t impressed with the artwork, stating: “You know what, I’m not paid enough money to deal with that.”


Justin Bieber

The pop star everyone loves to hate – Justin Bieber. With so many stories of notoriety following this former child superstar, it’s hard to choose just a few. From making bad jokes about Anne Frank and insulting his fans, to picking fights with reporters, getting arrested for petty crimes and behaving like an overall douche, there sure is a dark side to this shining star. The man even made disrespectful comments recently about Prince’s death, how low can you go?


Christian Bale

We all remember one of the most famous rants from 2008 that went viral, it was Christian Bale going absolutely ballistic on a crew member. Apparently, the poor man distracted the movie star while filming on the set of Terminator Salvation, and Bale got triggered into a temper tantrum which blew up on the internet. Although the method actor apologized unreservedly, people still remember the rage he unleashed on the unfortunate crew member.


Courtney Love

No list of celebs behaving badly can be complete without the queen Courtney Love. Her name might as well be a synonym to bad behavior. From flashing audiences while performing and showing up to interviews naked and drunk, to taking heroine while pregnant and losing Kurt Cobain’s ashes; the woman is a walking disaster. Numerous arrests, anger management therapies, social service and fines seem to do her no good, Courtney Love keeps being her mischievous self, throwing mics at the audience, punching other singers, getting restraining orders and causing incidents wherever she appears.


Chris Brown

Beating up your girlfriend? Doesn’t get much worse than that. Chris Brown made the headlines back in 2009 when he was arrested after physically assaulting his girlfriend at the time, Rihanna. The sentence was a mere five years probation, but the world little but ostracized the celebrity for his actions. Then again, perhaps that’s an overstatement; reportedly, Rihanna and her former abusing boyfriend are back in touch, and were seen flirting, texting and sexting even. Guess some people never learn.


Kanye West

Where to begin, and where to end with Kanye West? Sure, you might consider him as a multi-talented artist, creator, performer and entrepreneur, but the man is undeniably an egoistic maniac and a narcissistic hothead. Whether through twitter rants, public outbreaks or even award reception interruptions, Kanye West just loves saying what he thinks, no matter when or where. Genius or delusional, the man doesn’t know any limits.


Miley Cyrus

She may have started as a sweetheart in Disney, but now, Miley Cyrus couldn’t be farther away from her roots. Although most of her shocking, rude and controversial behavior is part of the act and meant to be just that, this is one bad girl. She isn’t holding back in twitter fights with other celebs, like Katy Perry, nor is she shy when it comes to indecent exposure, inappropriate clothing, dancing and overall behavior. She may be going back to being ‘normal’ right now, maybe it’s just a phase, either way, people will never forget all the twerking, insane outfits, licking of weird objects and wtf moments.


Shia LaBeouf

At this point, nothing Shia LaBeouf does is shocking or controversial, the man has gone so far beyond anyone’s wildest expectations that he’s become known for his outrageousness. The young Hollywood star admitted to hooking up with various co-stars, wrecking marriages; plagiarizing other people’s writings; fighting in bars; trespassing; threatening people with a knife; checking himself into rehab; starting fights in and out of clubs; chasing homeless people for food; slapping random people on the behind and on the back of the head; making outrageous art performances that get him arrested; and many, many more shocking examples of bad behavior.


Lindsay Lohan

Another case of “good girl” gone bad is Lindsay Lohan, this 30-year-old has garnered so many mugshots she could make an exhibition. Her acting and performing career has been going up and down, but mostly down into a spiral of bad behavior, utter misconduct, and sad moments. From filing a $100 million suit against E-Trade for its commercial featuring a talking baby named “Lindsay”, to claiming she had saved the lives of 40 kids in one day during an illegal sweatshop raid in India, Lindsay Lohan remains a trainwreck of a public persona.



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